Customize Everything!

Here at HoodBilly Haven we aim to bring you quality customizable products. From our Designs to Your Own, we can use our custom additive manufacturing processes, as well as our Design Abilities to produce just about anything you can imagine. From Clothing to Tools & Toys! If you don't see it, Ask!

What Can HoodBilly Haven Print For You?

  • Household Repairs & Modifications
  • Wall Art
  • Figurines
  • Decor & Ornaments
  • Shoe Insoles

For 3d Design Or Printing You Can Email Here!

For 3D Printer Or Electronic Repairs, Email Here!

 Aostirmotor E-Bikes are always available.

Shelf of 3D Printed Objects @ HoodBilly Haven Dot Com
Multi-Material Set-up in prusa slicer. Using the purge material to make another model.

Customizable Coffee Mugs ARE HERE!

You read that right! Our First Posted for sale 3D Printed & Customizable Product Is Here!

In an effort to make these mugs as customizable as possible, a “Bring Your Own” Filament Option is Available. All Mugs are manufactured from tested materials.  Please Read All Product Descriptions Fully. Enjoy Your Visit



Here is one of the first mugs that completed. I have since figured out the proper puge amount, to prevent the striped appearance. I've also worked on the stringing, although this is just to prevent me sanding! This is a Luminous PETG Purple being used on this Mug.
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Above is a few pictures working in Fusion 360. I do use several Software programs in order to get a 3D model for printing. In this case, it was simply designed from scratch.