From Solid Blocks to Hollow Creations: The HoodBilly’s Journey in 3D Printing

well I can’t really complain much as the title suggest, but the day did start abit rough, and to be honest I could still use a couple things right now that have not magically fallen into my lap yet today. weird I know!

Anyway, when I go up this morning I woke up to a printer still much lower in it’s z-axis than expected. This printer being my tronxy, whom I must sau, is actually turning out to be a heck of a good little dual extrusion printer. As of this writing, it’s the only 1 of 4 running. So let me Elaborate.

As I approach the printer, I notice it is running just fine, but I have a solid block of plastic, and not a nicely shaped “Apparatus”. Completely stumped as to how this came about, let me give you a couple photos.

This is what I thought I had on the printer when I went to bed. Only I had it all nice and painted in prusa slicer to come out looking like a few bucks anyuway. I didn’t take a picture of the block that printed, and it does appear that the only way to see the mistaken piece is in a video I made earlier today, that I have not yet gone over. Anyway so below is this above object, all prettied up and ready to print.

So with that I loaded up the video and took a screen shot of my findings at 6A.m. This moring. The full video will likely be available soon.

So above here is what i found in fusion 360 this morning when I found a solid chunk of plastic on old tronxy. Now as you can see from the 3 photos. The likelihood that I intentionally filled this bottom half solid is well, ridiculous. So with that said. This hoodBilly attitude of mine. Shaking my head I look right to god! Like,

“ok man. Who did this?”

Cuz I didn’t! This you God! and I let him have if for a few minutes before I quickly apologize and ask him to help me correct this situation. This is where the video came in. I thought, shoot problem needs solving. I didn’t solve the issue with this model, but I sure do have it printing again, only hollow this time.

that is the life of a “tinkerer” or “maker” if you will. With that thanks for stopping, please feel free to share, critisise, or otherwise! Have A Blessed Day!



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