3D Printing and Electronic Repairs: Educational Videos and Posts

As I learn more and and more. It is content that I need to work on. Fancy can come later. I now have several products ready for custom production. So being that I focus in 3D printing and electronic repairs/mods. I am going to start posting some of the videos I have made. I am also going to start with some educational posts. So I guess over the next month or so alot should be changing around here. please use my blogs to help me focus on your wants/needs. So getting started watch for.

3D printing videos – repairs, good practices, etc.

Arduino – I will be getting started using and learning the arduino programming environment and using arduino as well as a few other Dev boards.

I may possibly start making my own “Web Dev” videos also, as a self taught individual. I feel the road to here could have been easier with more direct teaching.

With that said we are about to get this day under way. As always printers to take care of, Designs to work on, and a website that needs serious help. Thanks for stopping in, always stay alert and know god is in control. Have a Blessed day all!


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